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Butter Chicken (including Recipe Flow Chart)

Today as part of my ongoing farewell to Germany, I cooked probably the best butter chicken I have yet.

The 2 main ingredients of butter chicken, I have learned, are in fact the butter and the chicken . OK, I”ll try again: The 2 main *non-obvious* ingredients of my favorite North Indian delicacy, are tomatoes and cream. In my case, Creme Fraiche! (Insert South Park reference). Just refer to the flowchart – after the basic spice mix is done and the chicken is cooked, it’s all a matter of alternately titrating tomato paste and cream to create the Butter Chicken Orange!

I hope my handwriting is legible. I wish you much success if you try this!


Zoom in page 1:Image


Zoom in page 2:




The end result! Utterly Buttery Butter Chicken!Image



Hello world!

//An ode to the good ol’ C++

#include <iostream>

void main()


cout << “Hello, World!” <<endl;

cout <<“Welcome to a somewhat irregularly updated blog of life through the glasses of an engineer who loves to travel. This blog will be about representing random concepts and ideas in engineering or at least structured formats.”<<endl;

cout<<“Enjoy your time here, and dont forget to leave comments or new ideas for me.”<<endl;